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What to expect when you model for PlayDr.com

Typical Photoshoot set 1
Typical photo set 2

Basic dressed to undressed figure study images; from a distance & close-up - genitals naturally exposed based upon your position. Images may be taken in natural or slightly erotic poses.

Typical Photo set 3
TEMPERATURE TAKING - Oral, rectal, and vaginal temperature is taken (and recorded) using the traditional glass thermometer, Geratherm® alcohol thermometer, common digital thermometer, and IVAC® professional digital thermometer in several positions.
Typical photo set 4
Other images are taken with a similar or different theme depending upon the situation at the time, the model's flexibility and comfort level, and any special requirements of the shoot.
A typical shoot is approximately 3 hours and will typically produce 300 +/- images. In total, from walking in the door to walking out the door, expect a total of 4 hours time.

PlayDr.com requires phone contact from all models within 24 hours of the scheduled shoot time.

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