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What is the level of pain that you desire or can tolerate?
Do you feel the need to be disciplined? If 'YES', please expalin why and what you may feel is effective discipline:

Do you feel you need to be restrained?
If 'yes', please explain and specifically include the use of wrist and/or ankle restraints, blindfolds, gags, etc:

How frequently do you masturbate?
What do you do that is particularly arousing?

Have you ever used a vibrator/dildo? If 'YES', please describe the experience:

Do you use the vibrator: externally, internally, rectally
Do you enjoy oral sex? If 'YES', to what extent: giving receiving both
If 'NO', why not:

Have you ever participated in anal sex?
If 'YES', to what extent: giving receiving fingers sex toy(s)
If 'NO', to what extent are you curious or interested?
Have you ever inserted your finger into a man's anus/rectum?
If you have done this, or want to do this, please explain:

Within the past several years (3-5), have you had your temperature taken rectally?
If 'YES', please describe the experience; if 'NO', but you woul like to have your temperature taken rectally, please indicate this preference:

Within the past several years (3-5), have you been given an enema?
If 'YES', please describe the experience; if 'NO', but you woul like to be given an enema, please indicate this preference. What type of enema equipment was/would be used?

Are you able to provide a witnessed urine sample?
Do you want to be catheterized (urinary catheter)?
During an examination, is it possible that you would become aroused to the extent that you would request the Doctor to perform a sexual act with you?
If 'YES', what would you request:
If 'NO', how would you relieve your arousal?

What was the date of your last GYN exam: M or F practitioner:
What was the date of your last period?
How regular are they?
Do you use:
* If you have had any gynecological surgery, please explain:

Is there anything else that you would like the Doctor to know before the examination commences?

Do you have any curiosity in "reciprocating". in other words, would you like to be the nurse/doctor?

If 'YES', what are your curiosities/interests?

Thank you for your cooperation. Your answers will help the Doctor to more fully complete his assessment.

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