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1st Visit to Nurse Ashley
2nd Visit to Nurse Ashley
3rd Visit to Nurse Ashley
4th Planned Visit
4th Visit to Nurse Ashley
5th Visit to Nurse Ashley
A Dangerous Rendezvous
A Friend Visits Nurse Ashley
Airport Strip Search
All You Have to Do is Ask
An Examination to Remember
Anal Curious
Army Examination
Bardex Letter
Bed and Breakfast Inn
Body Temperature Study
Boss Lady
California Enema Nurse
Cheerleader Prep
College Exam Notes
College Roommates
Colonic Irrigation Clinic
Courthouse Deputy
Doctor E-Bandit
Dorm Room Housecall
Drug Test
Enema Bandit 1
Enema Bandit 2
Exam & Enema Procedures
Exam Fantasy VS Reality
Female Attorney
First Video - Housecall
Flu Shot
Home In Bed
In The Ear
Injection Sites
Introduction Letter to Nurse Ashley
JoAnne's Thermometer
Lady Alexis
Lucia's Massage
Mile High Club
Miss Dottie's Little Boy
My First Enema Experience
My Friend the Nurse
My Neighbor - Part 1
My Neighbor - Part 2
Natural Health Clinic
New Patient Comments
Nurse's Examination
Perspective on Rectal Temperature Taking
Play Doctor in Phoenix
Play Doctor's Texas Trip
Playing Doctor in Las Vegas
Practive vs. Privacy - Pelvic Exams
Preparing for the Prom
Prostate Massage Preparation
Rachel's Story
Rendezvous with Play Doctor
Sexual Housecall
Sexuality & Professionalism
Sherema Clinic - 1st Visit
Sherema Clinic - 2nd Visit
She's Not Feeling Well
Submissive Patient Presentation
Summer Camp
Tales from the GYN
The Aerobics Show
The Bank - Investment Representative
Through the Window
USA Today - Mercury Thermometers
Video Clerk in WV
Visit to the Garden of Eden
Week-end Session with Play Doctor

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